Welcome to the National Guard Bureau State Mission Prints

State Mission prints are available for order. These prints are in portrait format. Complete a NGB Form 13 and submit to our organizational email ng.me.mearng.list.ngbpdc@army.mil. The prints are free, however, the maximum order total cannot be exceeded. Orders exceeding authorized limits will need a memorandum for justification. ARNG-CSO-FCP has the authority to approve or reject any order if deemed fraudulent or wasteful.

Small print size: 11" x 14" total size, with an 8.5" x 11" image portrait format (Limit 5) You may order up to 5 prints (total, i.e. five copies of one print, one copy of each of five different prints, or any combination adding up to five).
Large print size 20" x 24" total size, with a 15" x 21" image portrait format (Limit 2) You may order up to 2 prints (total, i.e. two copies of one print, or one copy of each of two different prints).

The Guard in the Air

Aviators assist law enforcement authorities in locating a fugitive.

Louisiana Flood

Trained personnel with their heavy military equipment provide quick assistance when water rises.

Mount St. Helens

When a volcano blows, the National Guard has the capability to respond.

width=Hotel Fire

Army National Guard aviators help rescue victims of a high rise hotel fire.

width=Helping in a State Emergency

The National Guard responds to all kinds of state emergencies, including civilian aircraft accidents, oil spills, earthquakes and hurricanes. 

width= New York Postal Strike

The National Guard has the capability of sustaining vital state facilities when regular employees are absent.

width= Blizzard Recovery

Guard troops have the training and equipment to help local citizens regardless of weather conditions.

Armenian Earthquake

The National Guard providing Humanitarian Assistance to Soviet Victims of December 1988 Armenia Earthquake.