Welcome to the National Guard Bureau Forms Library

The purpose of this library is to make authorized National Guard Bureau Army National Guard forms available in electronic PDF format. Forms on this site are unclassified and authorized for public access. Forms on this site include; NGB Forms, Certificates, Posters and other form type items that are applicable to the National Guard. These forms are managed in accordance with the Information Management Publishing and Printing regulations outlined in DoD guidance and DA Pam 25-38. Questions about these forms can be sent to ng.me.mearng.list.ngbpdc@army.mil.

A form is defined as a fixed arrangement of captioned spaces designed for gathering, organizing, and transmitting prescribed information quickly and efficiently. It also serves as a historical record. A form may be in hard-copy, electronic, or other media. Certificates are forms. Items such as labels, stickers, tags, instruction sheets, notices, and file covers do not require insertion of information; however, they may still be considered forms for procurement purposes. We maintain oversight of agency, command, and installation forms specific to the National Guard and its Army National Guard echelons. These forms originate at the headquarters of our agency, command, or installation and are prescribed for use at the appropriate level. 

Forms Related Policy and Guidance


DoDI 7750.07

Department of Defense Instruction 7750.07. Reissues DoD Instruction  in accordance with the authority in DoD Directive 5144.02 to establish policies, assign responsibilities, and provide procedures governing the DoD Forms Management Program. 


DoDM 7750.07

Department of Defense Manual 7750.07. Authorizes development and updating of implementing guidance through DoD 7750.07-M  The manual  will provide the implementing procedures, criteria, rules, and terms for the DoD Forms Management Program.


DA Pam 25-40

Department of the Army Pamphlet 24-40, Army Publishing Program Procedures. This pamphlet provides information on how to prepare, publish, order, and distribute Department of the Army publications and forms.


AFI 33-360

Air Force Instruction 33-360, Publications and Forms Management. This publication implements Air Force Policy Directive (AFPD) 33-3, Information Management. It provides guidance and procedures on creating, managing, and disseminating directive and nondirective publications and forms throughout the Air Force. It applies to individuals at all levels who prepare, manage, review, certify, approve, disseminate and/or use official Air Force publications and forms, including the Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard (ANG).

To create or revise a Form

Do you have a requirement for a new form or for a revision of an existing form? Contact your State Forms Management Officer (FMO) or the National Guard FMO for assistance. To create a new form or revise a old form, you as the Action Officer or (AO), will supply the FMO with the following: 

  1. A basic draft of what the form should look like and what information is being collected. 
  2. A completed DD Form 67, Form Processing Action Request.
  3. A copy of the prescribing document. 

The FMO will assist in verifying that there is indeed a need for the form and that no higher echelon forms serve the same purpose. The FMO will ensure that the mandatory internal coordination is completed correctly. The Mandatory internal coordination includes input from the following: 

  • Privacy Act. 
  • Records Management.
  • Reports (OMB (Public) and RCS (Internal)). 
  • Other coordination as needed 

The FMO will assist the AO in identifying if the new form collects any Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Social Security Numbers (SSN) or information from the public. The FMO will then advise what actions are required if the form does collect this type of information. Once all required coordination is complete, the end product will be made available according to the required specifications stipulated on the DD Form 67.