National Guard Bureau Test Forms

DA PAM 25–40 Chapter 12 paragraph 32.


Temporary, test, or one-time use forms should be appropriately prescribed and follow forms policy. They must be assigned a number and include the proper designation. Following the form number and date, insert the wording
“Temporary,” “Test,” or “One-Time.” An example is “TRADOC Form 000, AUG 2014 (TEST).”


a. A temporary form will be published for a limited time (normally not more than 1 year) to serve a specific
requirement. The form will become obsolete when its purpose has been served.


b. A test form will be published for use only during a testing period that is specified in the prescribing instructions. A test form may have limited distribution. The form will become obsolete after the test is completed. To continue use after the test, convert the form to a permanent form.


c. A one-time form will be published to meet a one-time requirement, such as a report made only once. When the requirement is complete, the form will become obsolete.